Village Health Team

The presence of the Village Health Team (VHT) in the community has a good impact. The team treats cough, diarrhoea and fever in the community, which are the most common illnesses seen. The community is mobile and more settlements are establishing themselves in hard to reach areas. This possesses a challenge to deliver health services to these communities. A four-wheel drive ambulance, able to navigate through harsh terrain, and knowledgeable staff is extremely important in this setting.

Through the peripheral health units and VHTs the other activities that have been carried in the area are: guinea worm eradication activities, TB case finding and contact tracing, malnutrition screening, patient referrals and follow ups, identification of people with disabilities, surveillance of epidemic out breaks and case finding as well as following up on chronically ill patients.


A disabled person can have their quality of life drastically improved by a wheelchair. By giving them a means of transport, a disabled person gains their independence and is free to move where and when they choose.We are glad to say that Matany hospital has been able to supply many children and adults from the community with wheelchairs.

Day of the Sick

The hospital has hosted The Day of the Sick. This was an event aimed at improving health standards in the surrounding community through teaching. The demonstrations focused on what to do on ill patients as well as preventative care measures improve general health.