Completed Projects

A list of the project completed is provided below. Further information on each project is also provided.

  • Modernisation of Hospital Equipment
    • Addition of X-Ray machine and software
    • Addition Two anaesthetic machines
  • Extension of Hospital Infrastructure
    • Construction of water tanks
    • Extension of the Administration Block
    • Three new offices and a new Board Room
    • Extension of the residence of the MSMMC
    • Two self contained rooms added
    • Community Chapel was enlarged
    • Solar System was installed
    • Construction of new Toilet Block behind Surgical Ward
    • Construction of new Toilet Block behind Medical Ward
    • Hospital main corridor was completely renewed
    • Construction of a Transformer House for new transformer and stabiliser
    • Transformer and Regulator for connection to national electricity grid
    • Replacement of internal INTERCOM equipment
    • Installation of a LAN
    • Maintenance
  • Vehicle Additions
    • Four-wheel drive UNIMOG-Ambulance
    • Four-wheel Truck
  • Vegetable Garden


Modernisation of Hospital Equipment

X-Ray and Anaesthetic Machines

The x-ray department received funding for a much needed update – A Carestream Vita CR for digital imaging of x-ray pictures. It is a vital component, which is mobile and can be used in multiple departments, it includes digital x-ray imaging software and a computer based hospital network. As a result of this project, a LAN (Local Area Network) was created. Two anaesthetic machines were also added to the Surgery Department. This means patients can now undergo life saving and life changing operations.


Building Extensions of the Hospital

To facilitate the growing demand of patient care and an effective running of the hospital, the extension of the hospital block is necessary. The lab was extended and now includes an oxygen regulated room. Water tanks have been constructed and the water system was renewed. The system includes Solar panels to heat water. Extensions were made on the administration black, where three new offices and a new Board Room were constructed. As an extension of the MSMMC residence, two self contained rooms were added, a community chapel was enlarged and a Solar System installed.A new toilet block behind the Surgical Ward and Medical ward was erected. The hospital main corridor was completely renewed in 2015. Construction of a Transformer House where a new transformer and stabiliser will be stationed.


  Rain water tank Uganda


Major maintenance work has been carried out in several areas. The top layers of the Waste Water Treatment Plant were replaced, the piping reconditioned and new Napier grass planted. Renovation of the Surgeons House, Paediatric Ward, Sluice Room, toilets and Administration block was also carried out. A patients shower was constructed in the Medical Ward.

Technical and Software

The transformer and regulator necessary for connection to the national electricity grid was installed. The internal INTERCOM equipment was also replaced. As mentioned a LAN network was installed after the X-ray equipment was modernised.


Hospital Vehicles

An ambulance is a vital part of any hospital service. However, at Matany, the ambulance needs to be able to maneuver over harsh terrains. This is especially true in wet season, when roads are often flooded and full of mud. Our four wheel drive UNIMOG Ambulance was donated to the hospital and serves this purpose well. Additionally, a four wheel drive support truck was also donated to the hospital. The truck transports goods and necessary supplies between neighbouring cities and the hospital.

Donated four-wheel-drive UNIMOG ambulance

Donated four-wheel-drive support truck

The Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden and greenhouse provides fresh food to the hospital, nursing school and guest house. A site was chosen on the premises, the greenhouse was erected and seeds were planted. A drip irrigation system was used to ensure the plants had enough water. Wires were fixed to the ground and roof of the greenhouse to support the growing tomato and cucumber. Also grown are zucchini, aubergine, beans, onion and pawpaw among others. Maize was also planted to supply the nursing school. As another benefit, seedlings are taken by a local man and then sold onto the community, with the profits going towards his salary.

We hope to continually improve Matany Hospital and its related infrastructure. Many of these projects would not have been possible without the help of our supporters. For future project proposals and to find out information on how you can support us, please click here.