Future Projects

We are always striving to improve the hospital by working in partnership with other organisations. They fund much of the infrastructure needed for us to provide a good service. Support for future projects to any of the below mentioned interventions is welcome. We are still trying to secure funding for the following:

  • Infrastructure
    • Rebuild patients/attendants kitchen
    • Major renovation of Surgical, Medical and TB-Wards
    • Complete Renovation of NMTS
    • Staff apartment housing
    • Hostel for future Intern Doctors
    • Incinerator
  • Skilled Labour
    • Salary sponsorship for two specialists to start training as intern doctors
    • Sponsorships in Nursing, Midwifery Training, Tutorship, Anaesthesia
  • Equipment
    • Computerisation of Patient Information System. Needed funds for software, cabling, hardware
    • Modernisation of X-Ray Equipment, phase 2
    • Donation of a second hand Konika or Siemens digital X-Ray unit