THEME: Midwives leading the way with quality of Care
Guest of Honour: Hon. Rebecca Kadaga – Speaker Parliament of Uganda
• Representatives from UNFPA
• Midwives Country wide
The occasion commenced at 9:00am with marching from Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery to Jinja High School under the command of all Hospitals staff representatives, Schools among others. Recognition was made for every school and Hospital present.
St. Kizito Hospital – Matany was highly recognised for representing the whole of Karamoja region. This was mentioned to be in hard to reach area. The Hospital banner made it easy to identify the Hospital staff by the audience. The representation exhibited by the staff of Matany Hospital was highly appreciated by all the political Leaders of Karamoja. The Hospital staff representatives learnt new and improved ideas on midwifery practices presented by E- learning Diploma students supported by UNFPA on; management of asphyxia and normal labour, management of pre-term labours and prematurity, antibiotics use, nursing care. Management of prolonged and obstructed labour with assistance of a doctor. We interacted with old boys and old girls country wide.
The midwives presented their challenges at various places of work mostly in lower units of H/C IIIs and H/C IIs like:
• Shortage of midwives in the units leading to high maternal deaths.
• Lack of deployment after studies for midwives sponsored by UNFPA and other partners. It was mentioned that many midwives are trained but few are employed.St. Kizito Hospital was represented by two midwives, namely NAPEYOK PAULINA and OKUVURU VICTORIA