Nursing and Midwifery Students- Matany (25 Students with the UNASNM Patron, Clinical instructor CN- Loukae Gabriel) left for Lira at 10:05 am on 23/5/2018 and reached Lira at 5:10 pm safely in spite of bad roads in Nakichumet and Nawuatom. The participants were welcomed by the national UNASNM organizing members at King James School of Nursing where the seminar took place and they received the program about the seminar. Over 50 Nursing and Midwifery Schools Country wide sent their representatives for the seminar.

The School representatives – NMTS –Matany were given a question on Immunization to present, which students CN ANYAKUN JAMES and CM LONGORA GRACE 2016 May intake presented nicely with no negative comments from the tutor patrons and senior tutors who had attended.

The discipline and etiquettes including descent dressing code portrayed by NMTS students – Matany  made the school to be a point of reference for teaching and advising others.

They came back from Lira safely on 27/5/2018 at around 5: 20 pm.